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B Sc Hons Counselling & Psychotherapy M.I.A.C.P.

Parental Support

Mark Ahern Counselling & EMDR

Parental Support

Being a parent is often talked about as one of the joys of life. However, it can equally be a time of great stress and anxiety.

Even in the best family environments, circumstances can result in very challenging issues for parents. Issues such as parental separation, bereavement, sexual identity, peer pressure, school related issues and the adolescent transitional stage can cause great stress and strain

I welcome the opportunity to support both the induvidual and the family to address parenting issues in a positive way. The therapeutic aim is to focus on reducing stress and improving parent child relationships. This will help to improve the daily lives and wellbeing of the child/adolescent and the parent/s, thereby improving family life in general.

I believe that a strong family unit can provide everyone with a sense of belonging, value and a vital network for social support and success.

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