Mark Ahern Counselling

B Sc Hons Counselling & Psychotherapy M.I.A.C.P.


Mark Ahern Counselling & EMDR


Bereavement is the loss of a person or situation which cannot be replaced and the turmoil it creates within. Feelings associated with bereavement can be loneliness, sadness, anger, isolation, guilt, helplessness, vulnerability and many others.

I work with people who are bereaved and help them express their feelings about the loss . I support them in their stages of grief which may include – denial, anger, depression and ultimately acceptance. Bereavement is an unique experience to each individual, it cannot be rushed and the process can last from weeks to years. The benefit of counselling is that it helps to articulate the feelings associated with the loss of the person or situation which leads to self- healing and the ability to live on not just exist.


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