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Anger Management

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Anger Management

Anger is a normal healthy emotion but becomes a problem when it affects ones health, work life, social life or relationships. Anger management is the ability to control your anger and the ability to express this anger in a controlled way which gives satisfaction in knowing that you have given expression to your emotion in a healthy way. Lack of expression of anger can also be very harmful to the individual as this emotion can manifest as anxiety or depression.

I work with the individual in identifying their anger triggers and I help them develop skills of how to ‘press the pause button’. This can develop into a habit where they are now in control of how they express their anger. In working with clients I sometimes identify unexpressed anger which the client perceives as anxiety or depression. This anger needs expression and I provide the safe environment where it can be expressed. I work with these client in developing skills to prevent build-up of unspoken anger.

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