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B Sc Hons Counselling & Psychotherapy M.I.A.C.P.


Mark Ahern Counselling & EMDR


Abuse is mistreatment by any other person or persons that violates ones human and civil rights. The abuse can vary from treating someone with disrespect in a way which significantly affects the person’s quality of life, to causing actual physical suffering. Abuse can happen anywhere.

Forms of abuse include:

  • Physical abuse such as hitting, pushing, pinching, shaking, misusing medication, scalding, restraint, hair pulling.

  • Sexual abuse such as rape, sexual assault, or sexual acts to which the adult has not or could not have consented, or to which they were pressurised into consenting.

  • Psychological or emotional abuse such as threats of harm or abandonment, being deprived of social or any other form of contact, humiliation, blaming, controlling, intimidation, coercion, harassment, verbal abuse,

  • Financial or material abuse such as theft, fraud or exploitation,

  • Neglect such as ignoring medical or physical care needs and preventing access to health, social care or educational services or withholding the necessities of life such as food, drink and heating.

  • Discriminatory abuse such as that based on race or sexuality or a person’s disability.

I work with people firstly to help them deal with the trauma of the abuse. Some people do not wish to recount their abusive experiences while others very much need to share their experience, I believe in letting the person guide me about what would be most helpful to them – every person is different and I strive to be true to each individual. The process involves exploring how the abuse continues to impact on their life and I work in helping them take back their power and move forward with their lives.


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